This Show!!!

Is SOUL FOOD for women!  I love it.    Here’s a small video but check out the whole episodes while we can.

Gwyneth Paltrow on how she deals with judgement ..


Sheryl Sandberg at TedxWomen

This women is amazing.

She really got me thinking about how I present myself at work.  The bit about success and likability going together for men but not for women???  Oh that is so frustrating and so true.  How often do we play into this?

Getting started

Something has been bothering me.  Something’s missing.  I’m 29 now.  By all means I should be a grown street smart and very capable woman, then why am I always feeling like I’m floundering?  And I came to realise that I don’t have many role models, especially local role models, and I’m beginning to wonder why that is.  So I thought I’d start collating things I find and putting them all in one place.  Women who are interesting, who are strong, who are independent and hopefully I can use this space to remind my self of them when I next feel lost and confused.  So here goes…